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Terms and Conditions

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Duketown Stingrays V.O.F - Terms and conditions for buying fish


  • A stingray is a dangerous fish; it has poisonous barbs on its tail!
  • Duketown Stingrays takes no responsibility for any accidents due to any form of contact with the stingrays we supply.
Before you order
  • Read up on keeping stingrays and other fish so you know the basics.
  • Provide an aquarium with water parameters that are suitable for the fish you intend to order/keep, stingrays grow large and need a big tank.
  • Fish cannot be returned or swapped.
  • Many countries require an import license, get this sorted out first before you order. Look for an import agent that can help.
  • Make sure stingrays are legal in your country/state.
  • Orders can be done in the webshop or by email, once an order is confirmed the payment must be received within 7 days unless agreed otherwise.
  • Once a payment has been made there will be no refunds unless we cannot supply the ordered fish.
  • All prices on the webshop are excluding 21% VAT.
    • No VAT will be calculated for companies ordering from outside The Netherlands.
    • For regular customers (not company), ordering from outside the European Union, no VAT will be calculated.
  • Payment for the order can be transferred to bank account (IBAN) NL23 INGB 0006 5083 06, to the attention of Duketown Stingrays,  ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.
  • A shipping date will be agreed upon within 14 days after the payment is received unless agreed otherwise.
  • Duketown Stingrays will provide a health certificate and an invoice. Our export agent will take care of any additional export papers.
  • Buyer is responsible for all paperwork on their side, for example: import license (many counties require this), tax forms etc…
  • Problems with fish or D.O.A. (death on arrival) must be reported within 12 hours of arrival. Photos according to our wishes must be provided as proof.
  • We take no responsibility for the fish after they have been put in the buyer’s aquarium, as we have no control over the water parameters in the tanks.

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