Company history

Duketown Stingrays was founded on the 1st of January 2014! Brothers Mark and Euan Huveneers and cousin Enrico Matyas have teamed up to build a 900m2 freshwater stingrayfarm in hometown 's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands). Before Duketown Stingrays was founded, initiator Mark Huveneers already gained years of experience in keeping and breeding high quality stingrays as a hobby.

Duketown Stingrays breeds a variety of stingray species, all from South American origin (Potamotrygon), like Leopoldi, Black Diamond, Boesemani, Pearl, Itaituba (P14), Motoro (Marbleds), Henlei, Hybrid, etc. We can ship our stingrays and other rare tropical fish to you worldwide!

Duketown Stingrays is going full throttle to bring the poison to all you stingraylovers out there!

Mark Huveneers


Company information

Duketowns Stingrays 
The Netherlands

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